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Edit your Bookmark in iOS SafariWondering why you can’t pin website in the Pinterest app on the iPhone? Here is how to do it in Safari in just a few steps.

Download the Pinterest app before completing these steps: Pinterest App Link

The setup:

  • Either find an unused bookmark in Safari or create any bookmark that you will change. Example Bookmark
  • Edit the bookmark
  • Name the bookmark something like “Pin to Pinterest”
  • Delete the URL and replace with this text (hint:copy and paste this):


Try this link on your iPhone to grab code directly from Pinterest site  if not working: iPhone Bookmark Pinterest Code

  • Pin It from your Iphone using PinterestSave the bookmark (tap Done twice)

To pin:

  • Go to a web page where there is an image you want to pin.
  • Open Bookmarks
  • Tap the Pin to Pinterest bookmark you made previously
  • Tap the image you want to pin
  • Follow the process to pin it
  • Use the bookmark…

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Sorta Crunchy Just Like Me

So it has been a long time since I’ve blogged.. poop! I stink at this. Well, it makes sense actually, I never could keep a journal or diary. I always wanted to be one of those people who kept a journal. I thought that if I just tried harder I would do it. I have shelves of journals I’ve started and lost interest in along the way. I just can’t keep myself focused on writing everyday. At least I can remember to brush my teeth every morning and night. My mother did a good job of drilling that into my head very early on.

I actually spend a lot of time reading other people’s blogs. It’s an obsession! I actually lay in bed in the morning after my alarm goes off and spend a few minutes surfing the web. I watch YouTube videos or scroll through beloved blogs. I tell my husband it ‘wakes’ me up in the morning, but it is just a time waster, the shower is what actually wakes me up in the morning. But I am not going to give up my morning routine. It is my equivalent to reading the newspaper.
I have an ever fluctuating schedule with school and work. Every three months it changes. So I don’t know if I will always be able to enjoy the luxury of laying in bed in the morning. Next quarter (March) I will have 8am classes, which means I will be getting up at 6am… No doubt I won’t be laying in bed those days, I’ll fall back asleep if I do!
Right now my schedule is perfect. I have two days where my class starts at 10am and two days where my classes are 6-11 pm. Which is great for Adam and I, he works nights and this gives me time with him when he comes home. I will be in bed way before Adam gets home next quarter. (So sad)

The other morning I came across a blog post from Megan at Sorta Crunchy that really spoke to me. I’ve never come across her blog before (I love when I find new blogs), but I was so moved by her post I had to print it up and tape it to my sketchbook/Journal.
The post basically was about her personality type and how she feels she needs a warning label.

Here is a part of her post..(Well, Basically it is the majority of her post):

I think the reason I find such comfort in understanding my personality type is that I struggle with feeling like I am defective … As much as I have grown into my skin, grown into who I was created to be as my 30s have unfolded, I still can’t shake a perpetual belief that deep, deep down, I am broken.
And so when I read assessments that pretty much perfectly describe how I function in this world, I can’t help but to feel better.  It’s not just me.
People with my personality type tend to live by a strict internal code.  When my outward actions don’t match my inward idealistic standards, I am miserable.  And yet … I am prone to just thinking about how I am unable to do what I know I need to do instead of acting on what I need to do.
I truly do feel like I need a warning label:
WARNING: The person you are meeting, speaking to, reading, or emailing is most often experienced by others as flaky.
She operates in the world of The Big Picture, and therefore details often fall off of her radar screen. 
She will most likely:
1) Read your email and need to think on a response.  She will then forget to email you the response, even though she has spent a good deal of time thinking about it.
2) Hear your prayer concern and feel a great deal of empathy for you and your situation.  She will probably think about you for days, praying for you often as you come to mind.  She will, however, neglect to tell you this.
3) Recognize that you are going through a difficult time and think of no less than a dozen elaborate and thoughtful ways to minister to you in your need.  She will probably act on none of these ideas, even though she has given them all a great deal of thought.
4) Be your biggest supporter and cheerleader at the beginning of a project.  Her enthusiasm will eventually fizzle.  She is distracted easily by shiny things.  Going the distance is not her strong suit.
5) Agree to read and review your newest book or project.  Weeks will pass before a review is finally published.  This does not mean that she did not love your project; on the contrary, she probably loved it so much that she feels her review of your work must be absolutely perfect before she can publish it.  She is often crushed by the weight of her own standards which propels her directly into inaction accompanied by guilt.
6) Interrupt you.  Her mind is constantly making connections, often at a speed which outpaces human speech and good manners.
7) Astound you with her incredible clumsiness.  This may or may not be related to her personality type, but you should have fair warning nonetheless.
8) Start a multitude of projects and finish few.
9) Not take criticism well.  She is keenly aware of her shortcomings and imperfections, always hyper-aware of the ways her outward actions don’t meet her inner standards.  When those imperfections are recognized by others, it can be crippling.
10) Personify capriciousness, fickleness, moodiness, and procrastination.  She is also prone to being driven by her feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelings.  
If you have the great misfortune of partnering with her on a project or serving as her editor, please know that she will accomplish absolutely nothing without a deadline.  Be assured, however, that she rarely misses deadlines altogether as she is capable of intense micro-focus and dedicated energy as a deadline approaches. 
Finally, if you are counting on her to take an action of some sort, she will probably disappoint you.  And even if you aren’t actually disappointed with her, she probably thinks that you are.
Do you think I could have that printed up on business cards to hand to people I meet? 
This is all very true about me, but I’m not telling you to garner any sympathy or to have you respond with warm fuzzies. In fact, I’m closing comments on this.  And I’m not sobbing at the keyboard as I write, either.  In fact, I amused myself quite a bit as I thought of all of the ways people should be warned about me.
These are just some things I thought you should know.  Tomorrow, I’ll be sharing with you the other side of the shiny coin that is moi.
(Ohhhhhhh, shiny . . . )  <- (Adam found this funny..Apparently I’m drawn to sparkles and glittery things.. )
I feel the same way, I most definitely need a warning label.

I hope that it gives me hope and inspiration to overcome my personality obstacles and to sooth my heart when I feel like a failure at being the best I can be.
I am making resolutions (not the new years kind, just personal ones) to try to make an effort to sketch in my sketchbook, to write down things of importance in my journal, and to post more here on my blog. We will see how I do at this for the next few months. I should update the blog with what has happened since the last time I posted. (not a whole lot…)

This is Halloween..Everybody make a Scream

Halloween might be the ‘fun-est’ holiday there is! You could say it’s totally jovial! And yes, we might like Halloween more than any 7-year-old should and as such we had to have some background decorating music on.
There may have been some booty shaking while Adam fist pumped to our very own Halloween mix. Yeees! We’re middle schoolers with facial hair and boobs.
Anyway, I thought that you might like to see our Halloween mix. It might inspire you to break out your own Halloween dance moves and decor.
Get a playlist! Standalone player Get Ringtones
We also love kids movies, so here are a list of movies we like to watch in October:

Hope You enjoyed our Halloween Music and viewing lists. Happy Halloween!


Adam and I LOVE Halloween.

It is our second favorite holiday, Christmas being our most favorite holiday. We really get into the holiday spirit and have always loved getting into costume and decorating our place.

This year we focused more on the outside of the house and tried to make a big statement without a lot of money.

I had an idea to put a giant spider on the roof, but when I looked for giant spiders in stores they were all too small, too expensive and too realistic (I imagined a GIANT cute fuzzy spider). So I decided to make our own spider.

My first thought was to sew a spider…. Then I realized, ME, sewing. Haha. That wasn’t going to work. Then, Adam came up with the idea of using trash bags filled with leaves and for the legs we could use the left over corrugated pipe we had. It was BRILLIANT! I loved it, but when we stepped back it just looked like trash on our roof, so I thought why not use some of my craft supplies to cutesy it up.

I found a butt-load of purple tinsel garland and a roll of purple ribbon. Adam wrapped the tinsel around the legs and the ribbon around the body of the spider.

Then we headed to Wally world (walmart) and picked up a bag of styrofoam balls. I used left over sample paint from our front door to paint them red and glitter that I already had in my craft stash. Adam hot glued the eyeballs and attached the spider’s head to the body.

It looked Awesome! It was better than what I had imagined.

Then Adam brought down our box of Halloween decor from the attic and we decorated the rest of the house. I might have mentioned here that we like classy and upscale decor.. no blow up Halloween decor. Well, we bought a blow up Halloween decoration! Yep, we’re just letting it all hang out this year! And I totally don’t care if it’s a total cheese fest. We are having so much more fun this year.

We hope all of you are having an excellent Autumn! Happy Halloween!

I replaced the Autumn wreath with something spookier..

I made this wreath a few years ago. I leave it up from late August till after Thanksgiving (excluding October)

I made this wreath a few years ago. It’s one of two Halloween wreaths I’ve made.

This little guy is spookily hovering over Adam. Ooh, creepy.

This was my attempt at making the front look better. Haha.

What You Missed While I Was Gone.

I might have jumped off the proverbial blogger cliff, but I didn’t stop for a second in the real world. So here are a few things you may have missed while I was gone.

I alluded to outdoor change in this blog post, but never got around to telling you what we did.
We bought retaining wall bricks or stones (what-ev) and we Adam dug around the tree in our front yard and stacked ’em up. Looks ten times better, never mind that we ran out of money steam and didn’t complete the backside of the tree mound. From the front it looks AWESOME. Yeah. pretty exciting stuff. So exciting in fact that we decided to do the same thing to the front (in front of the basement windows) and around our walkway to the front door.
This will have to come next year I think.. we’ve already moved on. Darn that ADD!  Can’t see anything through to fruition. (I think that a teacher might have written that on a report card once in my life..I had a bit of déjà vu writing that last sentence.)

Before (when we first saw the house):
Adam working hard on the project:

The AWESOME After:

Yep. There you have it. We’ve done a few more things around the house while I was gone. I have to update you on that later. More to come!

Autumn Already, Where Did The Time Go?

Sorry I have been away for so long. School sort of sucks the will-to-blog right out of me. But, I’m back again. I have good news, I have again done excellent in school. Yes, I just did a virtual pat on the back…to myself. What can I say, I’m proud.

So I’m learning the basics of design and just finished a class on Layout. So if you don’t know what that means (mom) here it is simplified: Basically it is the arrangement of ‘whatever’ to a pleasing effect.

Example: A magazine has words (articles) and pictures arranged on a piece of paper. The layout of these words and pictures is very important, so the viewer/reader can understand what an article is about. It also will grab the reader’s attention and entice them to read the article (or look at the pictures). The layout must be clear and easy to read.

Another example would be website layout: A person or client might go to a company’s website to purchase something or to find directions/ information. If the website is cluttered and the client doesn’t know where the information is or cannot find the product, then most likely they will leave the site and that company has lost business. The worst possible layout design for a website would be where there isn’t a logo or company name clearly labeled: the client would open the website up, but the site isn’t clear whether this is even the right company.

The class was fun and informative, but made me think about my (neglected) blog and I wondered if I would be able to use my new knowledge of layout software on it. Unfortunately I only know the design side and haven’t learned how to implement it yet. Since I’m impatient I’ve recently started looking into how to change the design of my blog, only to discover that I know… NOTHING! Ahh.
It seems that I know less than the average person. Which is shocking to me since I thought I knew a little bit more than the average joe. Apparently to make a blog or website better you must use HTML or CSS… ( of course I had to look up what the heck those things mean). I now know that HTML and CSS have something to do with the computer. …yep that’s all.
I read Wikipedia, blogs and googled my heart out only to understand a bunch of gobbledy-gook that told me nothing about what it really was. All I understood was that it was hard to understand.
So I’m in a slow, very very slow, process of trying to understand coding. (which is what Wikipedia told me HTML and CSS is, haha)
I’ve decided that I can’t be the only person who is as clueless as I am, so I’ve decided to update what I learn through the process of changing my own blog. Hopefully it will help someone ‘out there’ who maybe wanted to know how to do it too.