About Us

We are Adam and Brittany. We are a young couple and this is our first house! Welcome.

We live in Atlanta, GA and we love the outdoors, fixing up our house, and taking LOTS of photos (among other things.)

A little about Brittany:

I was born in Atlanta, but grew up on the beach. When I was little I had a southern accent, but was once teased for it so badly I spent a whole year getting rid of it. I am in school for Illustration and Graphic Design (but I want to take ALL the classes my school offers, how fun would that be!) I don’t have grandparents because my parents are grandparents and my nephew is older than me! I want to learn to sew and knit. I love water. I’ll drink it, swim in it, or play in it. I should have been born a fish, or perhaps I was in a past life! I love make-up, but I’m too lazy to be any good at making myself up. That’s a diddo on fashion as well. I work part-time as a nanny while in school and I love chubby little toes.

A little about Adam:

Adam is a handy guy who likes power tools and building things. He likes cooking and eating. He is ALWAYS hot. He wants to own an RV and travel across America. He likes cars and once was a car sales man. He is outdoorsy and almost gave up everything to hike the Appalachian Trail, but met a cute blonde who changed everything (me!)


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