Wow! Wish I had known this sooner! So helpful.


Edit your Bookmark in iOS SafariWondering why you can’t pin website in the Pinterest app on the iPhone? Here is how to do it in Safari in just a few steps.

Download the Pinterest app before completing these steps: Pinterest App Link

The setup:

  • Either find an unused bookmark in Safari or create any bookmark that you will change. Example Bookmark
  • Edit the bookmark
  • Name the bookmark something like “Pin to Pinterest”
  • Delete the URL and replace with this text (hint:copy and paste this):


Try this link on your iPhone to grab code directly from Pinterest site  if not working: iPhone Bookmark Pinterest Code

  • Pin It from your Iphone using PinterestSave the bookmark (tap Done twice)

To pin:

  • Go to a web page where there is an image you want to pin.
  • Open Bookmarks
  • Tap the Pin to Pinterest bookmark you made previously
  • Tap the image you want to pin
  • Follow the process to pin it
  • Use the bookmark…

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