This is Halloween..Everybody make a Scream

Halloween might be the ‘fun-est’ holiday there is! You could say it’s totally jovial! And yes, we might like Halloween more than any 7-year-old should and as such we had to have some background decorating music on.
There may have been some booty shaking while Adam fist pumped to our very own Halloween mix. Yeees! We’re middle schoolers with facial hair and boobs.
Anyway, I thought that you might like to see our Halloween mix. It might inspire you to break out your own Halloween dance moves and decor.
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We also love kids movies, so here are a list of movies we like to watch in October:

Hope You enjoyed our Halloween Music and viewing lists. Happy Halloween!



Adam and I LOVE Halloween.

It is our second favorite holiday, Christmas being our most favorite holiday. We really get into the holiday spirit and have always loved getting into costume and decorating our place.

This year we focused more on the outside of the house and tried to make a big statement without a lot of money.

I had an idea to put a giant spider on the roof, but when I looked for giant spiders in stores they were all too small, too expensive and too realistic (I imagined a GIANT cute fuzzy spider). So I decided to make our own spider.

My first thought was to sew a spider…. Then I realized, ME, sewing. Haha. That wasn’t going to work. Then, Adam came up with the idea of using trash bags filled with leaves and for the legs we could use the left over corrugated pipe we had. It was BRILLIANT! I loved it, but when we stepped back it just looked like trash on our roof, so I thought why not use some of my craft supplies to cutesy it up.

I found a butt-load of purple tinsel garland and a roll of purple ribbon. Adam wrapped the tinsel around the legs and the ribbon around the body of the spider.

Then we headed to Wally world (walmart) and picked up a bag of styrofoam balls. I used left over sample paint from our front door to paint them red and glitter that I already had in my craft stash. Adam hot glued the eyeballs and attached the spider’s head to the body.

It looked Awesome! It was better than what I had imagined.

Then Adam brought down our box of Halloween decor from the attic and we decorated the rest of the house. I might have mentioned here that we like classy and upscale decor.. no blow up Halloween decor. Well, we bought a blow up Halloween decoration! Yep, we’re just letting it all hang out this year! And I totally don’t care if it’s a total cheese fest. We are having so much more fun this year.

We hope all of you are having an excellent Autumn! Happy Halloween!

I replaced the Autumn wreath with something spookier..

I made this wreath a few years ago. I leave it up from late August till after Thanksgiving (excluding October)

I made this wreath a few years ago. It’s one of two Halloween wreaths I’ve made.

This little guy is spookily hovering over Adam. Ooh, creepy.

This was my attempt at making the front look better. Haha.