What You Missed While I Was Gone.

I might have jumped off the proverbial blogger cliff, but I didn’t stop for a second in the real world. So here are a few things you may have missed while I was gone.

I alluded to outdoor change in this blog post, but never got around to telling you what we did.
We bought retaining wall bricks or stones (what-ev) and we Adam dug around the tree in our front yard and stacked ’em up. Looks ten times better, never mind that we ran out of money steam and didn’t complete the backside of the tree mound. From the front it looks AWESOME. Yeah. pretty exciting stuff. So exciting in fact that we decided to do the same thing to the front (in front of the basement windows) and around our walkway to the front door.
This will have to come next year I think.. we’ve already moved on. Darn that ADD!  Can’t see anything through to fruition. (I think that a teacher might have written that on a report card once in my life..I had a bit of déjà vu writing that last sentence.)

Before (when we first saw the house):
Adam working hard on the project:

The AWESOME After:

Yep. There you have it. We’ve done a few more things around the house while I was gone. I have to update you on that later. More to come!


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