Hanging Up

We’ve finally have blinds! Yay. We knew we would buy nice wooden blinds eventually, but since we still have to replace all the windows in the house, we decided buying expensive blinds first wouldn’t be the best choice for us. We know we are widening a few of them so they wouldn’t be the same size.
But, we needed something up for privacy and to let the light in since┬áthe curtains darken the rooms and I can’t stand it. I like light! A lot!

So, Adam had a great idea, while at Home Depot he noticed temporary blinds on sale for .10 cents.

(Temporary blinds are the blinds the store gives you to put up while you wait for your order of custom blinds to come in. They are a vinyl like material and they stick to your wall, like a sticker.)
He bought a bunch of them. One or two for each window.
Temp blinds look very nice (compared to sheets :-D) and they filter light beautifully. Best cheap idea yet. We love them and I’m so happy Adam bought them. It really helped our house feel more complete. We were both getting sick of the multitude of curtains. I think curtains should be for beauty and a little function, but not the only thing on the window. It gets to be too much. We felt like we were living in a cave enshrouded with fabric. If we wanted to open a window we had to dig through layers of fabric.

It is very simple to install temporary blinds. You just measure your window, then measure your blinds and cut off any remaining length:

Then you stick-em to the wall.
After we installed the blinds in the kitchen we both stepped back and found that it didn’t look right.
I had the idea that perhaps they should be hung higher up, like to the ceiling and it worked! The blinds looked better.
Then the next thing on our list was to hang the Target frames that I saved up for, but never found the time to hang. I fell in love with these simple white frames and I knew just where I wanted them.
We taped the paper backing to the wall first for placement (to make sure it was where we wanted them before we put holes in the wall):
Then after we hung the frames, I filled them with artwork from school. I still have to receive another piece of artwork from school to fill the bottom frame in the picture below, so in this picture it is just the cardboard back to the frame showing:
After learning that it might be awhile before I get my artwork back (it is on display in the hallways at school) I decided to put something pretty in its place. I then cut a piece of fabric to fit inside the frame and hung it up:
I actually LOVE it! I just might have to hang it up else where when I have my artwork back.
In this picture below I have switched the bottom and top frames, so the fabric is on the top:

I really love this wallpaper from Anthropologie, but I can only take small doses of so much color, so I’m thinking about hanging some of the wallpaper here behind the shelves (once we get around to adding them..so far we only have one shelf up!) for a pop of color. You can see a sample of it here on the wall behind the cookbooks:

ANDwe finally hung up the diningroom mirror. Although it isn’t as big as I had hoped it would be, I’ll find some way to fill in around it. Maybe I’ll hang two giant black frames on either side of the gilded mirror? We’ll see…