Snow Day!!

We had a surprising amount of snow today here in Atlanta. The most I’ve ever seen here since I was little. We had a few blizzards here when I was in elementary school. We didn’t have nearly as much this time, but it was still exciting and enough to shut the whole town down.

Here is a photo of Bright Little House with her pretty white dress on:

We only had 5 inches here at the house which is not a lot to northerners, but here in the south we are not used to more than an inch.
We don’t prepare for snow. We don’t have snow plows, snow tires, or window scrapers and salt for our driveways. We haven’t enough experience with driving on ice and slush. Most of us don’t have any snow gloves or boots.
The snow ended up shutting down all the schools for a week! The neighborhood kids had a blast sliding up and down the road we live on.

To those who have snow- I hope you had fun playing in it today! We did. 🙂