Wedding Post

Well I promised you I’d tell you all about our story of how we met and married, so here I go.

Adam and I met while working at a restaurant, he was a Sou Chef and I was a food runner. He asked me out through the food window. It was really embarrassing! I had never been asked on a date before and I didn’t know how to be nice and also let someone down. I wasn’t interested in him that way and I just wanted to be friends. Luckily for me he was very persistent and agreed to be my friend. We started hanging out everyday and talked on the phone till late in the night (he used to play DJ for me and played songs for me on the phone, I’d fall asleep listening.) and after a few weeks we became very close and I started falling for him. We talked about marriage, kids, the future and after a while we realized we were perfect for each other. He proposed to me on the 4th of July while we were out with my family. Right when the fireworks went off. It was really sweet.

We then started planning our wedding. I didn’t want to have a big to do and I wanted to keep it casual. I wanted it at my parents house and I wanted just my immediate family and close friends. I did have three requirements though: One, that I would have a beautiful gown; Two, I LOVE flowers and I wanted to have beautiful bouquets; and Three, I wanted to hire someone to take photos so I’d always have the memories in photos for all of prosperity.

Adam had only one requirement: that we would only spend 2,000-4,000 dollars. We succeeded at frugality and brought it in around 2,000. We used all local small businesses and grabbed some great deals. We let our bridesmaids choose what color they wanted and then let them buy whatever dress they wanted in that color. Two of them already had gold dresses so they saved even more money!

I even got to wear TWO beautiful gowns since I found a shop that was donating designer gowns to charity. They had gone around and collected last season sample dresses from top designers and sold them for $50!!!! Most of them still had original price tags on them and the one I bought had been priced around $2,000. Boy did I hit the jackpot right?!! Since they were so cheap and it was for charity I went back and bought another.

Anyway, here are some photos….

Getting my hair done.
Adam getting our get away car loaded up with our suitcases and Kleenex apparently….


HAHAHA Rick cracks us up! He’s so silly. I love it.
My mommie!
Adam and ‘his’ Rick.
The Best man and the Groom.
Me and my Daddy.

Happy Holidays!

I thought I’d give you all a glimpse of our tree! I love Christmas trees, they look so sparkly and mesmerizing. I love laying on the couch late at night just staring at it.
This Christmas season is just flying by. We’ve been to busy to enjoy it, it’s really a shame. Next year we’ll do better. We promise. 😉

Hopefully everyone else is having a great Christmas season!

It’s December, Our Favorite Month

The month of December holds a lot of meaning for us. Not only is it the festive month of Christmas (which we both Luurve), but it is also the month we chose to be married in.
This month will be Wedding Month for us. We have only been married for three years so we still are newlyweds really. We decorate our tree with our wedding ornaments, we just have so many it would be foolish not to anyway. One day I will go ahead and buy new ornaments in actual Christmas colors (instead of blue and white) I love all the options there are to decorate with. Obviously there is red and green, but then there are gold and silver, red and white, green and white, silver and green, gold red and ivory, all gold and white, and I could go on and on…

Anyway I digress.
I will refresh your memories for those of you who were there and give those of you who couldn’t come to our wedding a little tour. I also will give a little background on how we met.
I love photos so you can be sure to see lots of those.