>The Story on How I Went Back to School

>I finally am back in school. It was unexpected, Adam and I didn’t think we would be able to afford it, but here I am a full time student! It will be hard trying to juggle school, work, husband and house, but I am so excited and I know I will love it!

Here is the story,
I graduated high school years ago and was accepted at the art school of my choice (a very expensive school). I started classes that January and went for only one semester, tuition is expensive! So I started to save up and worked full time. Then I met Adam and we married. Thus making me an independent. Which means I now qualify for grants I didn’t before thanks to my parents income. I know right!
Well, I had been so busy over the years that school was shuffled to my ‘Things To Dream About’ list. We didn’t really know how much we would get in grants and we knew we couldn’t afford school unless it was      totally paid for, so we just assumed it would have to happen sometime in the future.
Then I started a new job and my new friend Kimberly (AKA Kimmie) and I started talking about school. She is going back to school to do what she always wanted, to be a Psychologist. (Talk about difficult schooling, Phew!) She told me her school is paid for by scholarships and Grants and she was sure I could get enough to pay for school also. I swear she is my little angel in disguise. She gave me the very firm kick in the butt that I needed. Once she heard my little story of how I came to put school on hold, she went into action! While I was out getting us lunch, she was on the phone making it happen! She called my school and made an appointment for us to see a counselor the very next day, much to my surprise! Isn’t she wonderful! I owe her everything! I would have probably never made it happen.
We were told I would need to re-apply since it had been so long since I had last attended, so I was prepared for a long process of being accepted and going through financial aid, so I wasn’t prepared for what would happen next! When I arrived for my appointment I was lead to a office and spoke with a counselor, told him everything and he lead me to another office where I spoke with someone else, told her my story and she handed me a stack of papers and told me that before we could proceed with anything I would  need to have  these  papers signed by a list of people and come back to her. So off I went to EVERY building to have 12 people sign and then I went back to her and we had a chat while I waited for her to become free (she was helping other students). She was concerned about my work schedule, asked me a lot of questions about classes I was interested in taking and then she printed up something and turned to me with my class schedule! I totally didn’t see that one coming, I thought it would be a lengthy process and maybe I would be able to attend next fall! So I asked her, “When do I start?” and she told me I’d         be starting next quarter. Wow, that’s alot sooner than I expected, but I thought at least I have a month or two..wrong I found out later that ‘next quarter’ started next week!! Why didn’t she just tell me that to begin with!  So I had to break the news gently to Adam and it turned out that he was super proud of me and was happy to have the added expense if it made me happy.