>The Miracle Of Paint


I had a semi-ok day today and as I drove home I thought about all the things I still had to do at home. A little disheartening, but when I pulled into my drive way and walked up to our door I noticed something was different. My kitchen WAS WHITE!
Adam had the day off today and apparently he spent it painting our kitchen. He is my hero! I sooo hate to paint. I love picking out colors and I love painting furniture, but painting a WHOLE ROOM is my least favorite thing to do. I’m a slow painter and it takes forever. After spending the whole summer painting the whole basement and the upstairs rooms you could say I’m all pooped outta painting.
Buuutt, Now I can cross that task off my list!! Hallelujah!

THIS is what my face looked like when I first saw what Adam had been up to:

Yeah, I was pretty excited.
I’ll show you the before and after pictures ’cause you know that’s what you really came to see, but keep in mind we’re still not really finished. These aren’t really ‘afters’ yet. We need to buy hardware, finish paint, blinds and curtains, shelves, benches, and a table. Um, I think that’s it? I’m sure we’ll find more along the way.
Our kitchen BEFORE I left for work today:
Our kitchen AFTER I came home today:
It’s amazing what paint can do to transform a room. The kitchen feels so much bigger now and it feels like a crisp new kitchen. I love it.
I hope this inspires me to keep painting, I still have a lot more on that list to do…
Wish me luck and I wish you some inspiration to get things done in your life that you’re dreading too. Good luck to you all.
Love Britt    🙂

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