>Another One Bites The Dust

>Yes!! I can cross off one of my goals…start the happy dance now.

Today Adam surprised me when I came home from work with WORKING KITCHEN OUTLETS!! We now have a stove and dishwasher. Ahhh. Feels good to have things working like they’re supposed to.

Here’s my baby working on the dishwasher’s outlet.

Most wonderful Man in the WORLD!

I also swung by the local Dollar Tree to see what cheap-o Halloween decor I could pick-up to satisfy my need for holiday home fun! I try to keep it at a grown-up elegant level…no blow up headless horse men here, but I just can’t help but LOVE it ALL!! It brings out the little kid in me. I look forward to decorating every year. So since we’re dead broke..I went to the Dolla’ store. Enter cute doormat Here:

Cute Dollar Store Mat

I thought I’d throw in a few pictures of my Halloween table setting. I know it’s early, but I was opening all our halloween decor from boxes so I was gettingin the mood and decided to decorate.

Halloween Tablescape

Cool Black Scull Candle From Micheals

 This is what our dining room looks like right now…ignore the mess…my excuse is we just moved.

Hope I gave you some holiday spirit!
Love Britt  🙂

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