>So Much Stuff, So Little Money

>Went to Ikea this morning before work. Bought curtains, rods, sheets and had to be dragged out kicking and screaming by Adam who worried I’d spend all our money….I love Ikea.
I’ll post some pictures once the curtains are up.


>The Miracle Of Paint


I had a semi-ok day today and as I drove home I thought about all the things I still had to do at home. A little disheartening, but when I pulled into my drive way and walked up to our door I noticed something was different. My kitchen WAS WHITE!
Adam had the day off today and apparently he spent it painting our kitchen. He is my hero! I sooo hate to paint. I love picking out colors and I love painting furniture, but painting a WHOLE ROOM is my least favorite thing to do. I’m a slow painter and it takes forever. After spending the whole summer painting the whole basement and the upstairs rooms you could say I’m all pooped outta painting.
Buuutt, Now I can cross that task off my list!! Hallelujah!

THIS is what my face looked like when I first saw what Adam had been up to:

Yeah, I was pretty excited.
I’ll show you the before and after pictures ’cause you know that’s what you really came to see, but keep in mind we’re still not really finished. These aren’t really ‘afters’ yet. We need to buy hardware, finish paint, blinds and curtains, shelves, benches, and a table. Um, I think that’s it? I’m sure we’ll find more along the way.
Our kitchen BEFORE I left for work today:
Our kitchen AFTER I came home today:
It’s amazing what paint can do to transform a room. The kitchen feels so much bigger now and it feels like a crisp new kitchen. I love it.
I hope this inspires me to keep painting, I still have a lot more on that list to do…
Wish me luck and I wish you some inspiration to get things done in your life that you’re dreading too. Good luck to you all.
Love Britt    🙂

>Another One Bites The Dust

>Yes!! I can cross off one of my goals…start the happy dance now.

Today Adam surprised me when I came home from work with WORKING KITCHEN OUTLETS!! We now have a stove and dishwasher. Ahhh. Feels good to have things working like they’re supposed to.

Here’s my baby working on the dishwasher’s outlet.

Most wonderful Man in the WORLD!

I also swung by the local Dollar Tree to see what cheap-o Halloween decor I could pick-up to satisfy my need for holiday home fun! I try to keep it at a grown-up elegant level…no blow up headless horse men here, but I just can’t help but LOVE it ALL!! It brings out the little kid in me. I look forward to decorating every year. So since we’re dead broke..I went to the Dolla’ store. Enter cute doormat Here:

Cute Dollar Store Mat

I thought I’d throw in a few pictures of my Halloween table setting. I know it’s early, but I was opening all our halloween decor from boxes so I was gettingin the mood and decided to decorate.

Halloween Tablescape

Cool Black Scull Candle From Micheals

 This is what our dining room looks like right now…ignore the mess…my excuse is we just moved.

Hope I gave you some holiday spirit!
Love Britt  🙂

It Begins!

Well, house obsession has officially started. After months of house hunting we finally found the one and while we aren’t official owners until next week, we have already spent days sneaking over and day dreaming. We can’t wait to sign our names and be handed our very FIRST set of keys!

Our little casa is quite the charmer if you can look past her disrepair. Unfortunately her previous owners (who also happen to be the original owners) had left her abandoned for two years. According to the neighbors his wife had been in charge of this house while they lived in another state for the past few years and then when she died he had just left the house. Boy does Little House need our help! The basement has had apparent flooding (and mold) and the back yard is a rainforest just to name a few things. Poor Adam had quite an adventurous couple days as he went about trying to carve a slice of trail through the weeds just to take photos and find out more about the state of her (the house).
Here is Adam hacking away…
Here is our first meeting of Little House, and her jungle– I mean backyard: Don’t mind the date, it’s wrong, our camera sometimes refuses to work right.

The Backyard!

Well, wish us luck! We have a long journey ahead of us as we try to make a house a home.

It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts to build a home. -Unknown

Home where our feet may leave, but not our hearts.- Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.

>Feeling A Little Overwhelmed

>I feel like we will never get our house in order. Grrr. My list of things that we need to do (and save up for so we CAN do) seems to get longer by the minute. Everyday I notice something new that needs fixing or a touch up. *Le Sigh*
Don’t even get me started on The Laundry Room Of Doom! My dream laundry/ mudroom is right now just a concrete slab (and no, not pretty, paintable concrete. It’s rough, uneven, poke your bare feet concrete) with unfinished walls that need sanding and spackle and an archaic, ugly washer and dryer. Talk about depressing!

To Do List:
Fix kitchen outlets before Thanksgiving
Prime and paint kitchen cabinets before Thanksgiving
Hang shelves Before Thanksgiving
Sand and spakle kitchen walls before Thanksgiving
Prime and paint kitchen, dining room, living room, guest bathroom and hallway walls…please!
Sand and spackle laundry room walls
Paint laundry room walls
Fix leak in laundry room floor
Buy and apply concrete sealant
Buy and hang blinds, curtains, or roman shades for windows (we hung sheets..Tre tacky. I know)
Paint trim and windows white
Paint carport windows and door

My goal as of right now is to just get the kitchen cabinets primed and painted so we can install the shelves and finally start to put away our kitchen things. I’m so sick of living out of boxes! I don’t know when we’ll find the extra time, but we desperately need to do this before Thanksgiving! Everyone will be coming here!!
To top it all off, our stove and dishwasher outlets currently do not work, Adam’s car windows decided to roll on outta sight, and our taxes (to the tune of 1,300) are do in November. Yay me…

You may be wondering what we do without a pantry or cabinets that have shelves so I snapped a quick picture of our “pantry”. Wouldn’t you go crazy too!?

AND I became so sick of frozen microwaved dinners (No stove or oven!!) so I decided to do a little yard sale-ing and bought a gas grill for Adam…our first real grill. I could kiss that thing (and Adam kissed me, let me tell you). It saved me and my bland food world!

Now Adam was at first upset due to the fact that we haven’t a single dime to spare, but then I showed him how much money we saved living off Ramun noodles the last few weeks and explained how I used last weeks leftover “food budget” money to buy our grill. 50 bucks! Soooo happy!

>Sorry Mom!

>I’m so sorry I’ve been a bad blogger (and daughter) and haven’t been posting. I now have INTERNET again. It has been a loooong few months without access to the outside world via world wide web. I never realized how much one really uses the internet until I was without it for awhile. I know you missed me! Haha. I’m back and will be posting updates. You have a lot to catch up on!

>Happy Fall Y’all !!

>I love how Fall seems to appear overnight. You just wake up one morning and it’s cool outside, instead of being so thick and hot you can’t breathe! Today has been such a pleasant day! Tonight I actually broke out a cardigan! Yay!
Bring on the Holidays, the colors, and the FOOD!
Boy do I love fall…and Christmas, but I always throw that in with fall. I mean, I live in Georgia! Winter doesn’t start here till January and lasts till March.
I hope everyone has a wonderful fall. You better start preparing those pumpkins…