>The Backyard= The Amazon…Well not really.


When we first saw our Bright Little House we were so overwhelmed by her backyard that we have a hard time remembering anything else from that first day…except maybe our memory of sitting in our car in her driveway and looking at each other with stunned silence. I mean there wasn’t much to say… It was that bad.

We could have called our house ‘Grey Gardens’ haha…

But once we got over the initial shock of her state, we could start to see her beauty and decided to go for it. After that we rolled up our sleeves and got to work. The more we cleaned her up the more we began to fall in love with her. Bright Little House went from our starter/ investment home to “maybe she’ll be our forever home?”. We can’t imagine selling her at this point, I know we can’t see what the future might bring us..maybe we will one day grow out of her and need to move on, but that seems so far in the future.

So I will show you how we fell in love with our Bright Little House..

The first thing we tackled right after signing papers was the backyard. Weeds had been left to grow for so long that some of them were taller then seven feet!


I don’t know how long it was left to seed, but all of the ‘knock out’ or wild roses had started to grow new plants from their roots! It took several days, a lot of hard manual work, and a rented tractor…

Because we all know I love PICTURES more than anything else, I’m posting more pictures than words..I guess this will be less ‘blog’ and more photo album. Oh well.
Here are some before and after pictures.

Backyard side view, Before :

Backyard side view, After (as of now):

Backyard #1, Before :

Backyard #1, During (Adam and his weedwacker):

Backyard #1, After: I’ll have to up date this later…I can’t find this picture.

Backyard #2, Before:
Backyard #2, After:

Here are Before shots of the ‘Basement Apartment Side’:

Here are the After shots of the ‘Basement Apartment Side’:

Here are front yard Before photos:

And here is a front yard after:

Hope Ya’ll enjoy! There will be more of these before and afters to come….


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