>Our Guest Bathroom

>When we first went to see our house it was listed as four bedrooms and two bathrooms. When we finally saw it in person we realized it wasn’t what we thought, which was 4 bedrooms upstairs along with two bathrooms, one which would be a master and one which would be a guest bath, BUT it was actually three bedrooms, one giant bathroom upstairs and a separate one bedroom/one bath apartment down in the basement. That set-up is nice, but wouldn’t fly for us. We will be having LOTS of kids and family members and sharing a bath together sounded like a National Lampoon vacation….so we measured walls and wrote it all out on paper to figure out how we could fit another bathroom in the small space upsairs. We were able to fit a bathtub, toilet, and sink into that small space. We’re extremely proud of ourselves. We decided to eliminate the linen and coat closet, along with thier hallway to add more space since there was already another linen closet anyway on the other side of the stairs. So we tore down walls and roughed in plumbing. We did most of the tearing apart ourselves, but when it came to plumbing we hired a professional. The first thing we did was rip up the old nasty carpet in the bathroom and found TILE underneath!! Why, why, why would somone put carpet over perfectly good, albiet outdated, tile? We were shocked. At first we thought we’d keep the tile, but we soon figured out that years of being moist under carpet had loosened the grout and cement and a few tiles had begun to pop off on thier own. Then we started taking everything apart and called a pro, Here is the bathroom upstairs BEFORE: Here is the hallway and closets… At the back of this linen closet is the top, of the roof, of the stairs going down to the basement apartment. And on the other side, is the coat closet for the house, so if you had guests they would have had to come upstairs to take off thier coat. Conviently the closets were right next to the sink and tub so we could open up the walls and use that square footage. Here is our GUEST BATHROOM during: Here is a quick video of our beautiful guest bathroom:


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