>Kitchen Cabinets


We have taken down the old cabinets and we are planning on sanding and painting them white. We will save the sink, dishwasher, and the stove is perfectly good. We tryed to keep the budget cheap and salvage as much as we could, but the farther in you get the more you see needs replacing. We will have to purchace new laminate counters since the originals were rotted out.
We ripped up the old damaged parket floors (and had to scrape it smooth and level) and replaced the plywood sub floor in the front entrance, so there will be a smooth surface to lay our tile. It was a great debate on our tile choice, everyone had an opinion. Of course, isn’t that how all families are? Well, mine is filled with Irish tempers and vocal opinions. It keeps life interesting.
Here are a few photos of our journey to the bare kitchen we have now.


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