>It Begins!



Well, house obsession has officially started. After months of house hunting we finally found the one and while we aren’t official owners until next week, we have already spent days sneaking over and day dreaming. We can’t wait to sign our names and be handed our very FIRST set of keys!

Our little casa is quite the charmer if you can look past her disrepair. Unfortunately her previous owners (who also happen to be the original owners) had left her abandoned for two years. According to the neighbors his wife had been in charge of this house while they lived in another state for the past few years and then when she died he had just left the house. Boy does Little House need our help! The basement has had apparent flooding (and mold) and the back yard is a rainforest just to name a few things. Poor Adam had quite an adventurous couple days as he went about trying to carve a slice of trail through the weeds just to take photos and find out more about the state of her (the house).

Here is Adam hacking away…
Here is our first meeting of Little House, and her jungle– I mean backyard: Don’t mind the date, it’s wrong, our camera somtimes refuses to work right.

The Backyard!

Well, wish us luck! We have a long journey ahead of us as we try to make a house a home.

It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts to build a home. -Unknown

Home where our feet may leave, but not our hearts.- Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.


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